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Submissions accepted from women veterans, those who are still in the military and those who have items of relevance to women veterans experiences.

If I Were Brave

Jana Stanfield/Jimmy Scott


What would I do if I knew that I could not fail?

If I believed, would the wind always fill up my sails? 

How far would I go? What could I acheive?

Trusting the hero in me.



If I were brave I'd walk the razor's edge

Where fools and dreamers dare to tread;

Never loose my faith, even when losing my way.

What step would I take today if I were brave?



What would I do today, if I were brave?

What if we're all meant to do what we secretly dream?

What would you ask if you knew you could have anything?

Like the mighty oak sleeps in the heart of a seed,

Are there miracles in you and me?



If I refuse to listen to the voice of fear,

WOuld the voice of courage whisper in myear?